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How to Repair Damaged Hair: 5 signs of damaged hair

How to Repair Damaged Hair: 5 signs of damaged hair

How to Repair Damaged Hair: 5 signs of damaged hair
How do you notice damaged hair?

If your hair is  experiencing damage, that means you must have done something to your hair knowing or unknowingly that lead to it being damaged.

When your hair is damaged, the cuticle layers of your hair cracks and opens and when this happens, your hair becomes exposed and is at high risk of damaging and breaking further.

We’ve put together 5 signs that indicates that your hair might be damaged:

1. Split ends/ single strand knots: when your hair splits into two halves either from the tip or middle part of your hair, it symbolizes split ends. Split ends and single strand knots can either be caused by excessive use of heat, chemical products, lack of moisture etc and they can make the ends of your hair to fray up leaving you with a damaged hair.

The tip of your hair strands becomes excessively prone to dryness and breakage. If you find out that your hair has so many split ends or single strand knots, the best option is to get a trim. There’s no point in leaving them because the longer they stay, the more damage they cause to your hair.

2. Excessive tangles: Hair that is already damaged  gets  tangled easily and tends to have a dry cracked cuticle which creates more friction and gets attached to other hair strands making the hair to tangle more. This can also make detangling and combing of hair more difficult. At this point, you need to be extremely careful and gentle when working with your hair.

3. Excessive breakage: Hair that lacks moisture easily  dries out, thereby weakening the hair strand which makes the hair to become fragile and break off. When hair starts to breaks off, it starts with the ends before moving up to the roots of the hair. Breakage exposes your hair to split ends,single strand knots, frizziness and more environmental factors. One of the best ways to prevent breakage is by carefully and gently treating hair and keeping it healthy and hydrated. You may also need to either trim your ends if you have so many split ends and do a protein treatment to make your hair bounce back.e

For protein treatment, we recommend OLEENA ORGANICS ALOE RICE DEEP CONDITIONER 

4. Hair stiffness:  Damaged hair gives the hair a stiff and hard feeling. The stiffness makes the hair very difficult to deal with. Bear in mind that hair becomes stiff and hard due to either lack of moisture, lack of protein, chemical treatments, frequent use of heat, hard water, over shampooing or even harsh weather.

To improve the condition of your hair, you may need to shampoo less because when you wash your hair too often, your hair gradually becomes stripped of it moisture.

Also avoid using heat for the time being, in cases of hard water, use a water filter to soften the water before using it, step up your moisture game with a moisturising deep conditioner like OLEENA ORGANICS INTENSE MOISTURISE DEEP CONDITIONER and a leave in conditioner like OLEENA ORGANICS ALOE VERA LEAVE IN CONDITIONER. You may also need to avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight.

5. Slow growth: when you notice that your hair is growing slowly than usual or stunted, it means that your hair is going through damage due to split ends, weak and damaged hair follicles, and brittle hair.

6. Loss of elasticity: Healthy hair has a stable elasticity and it should be able to stretch up to twice its original shape before it returns or bounce back to normal. But even if it does stretch and ends up breaking up, that indicates low elasticity which is a sign damaged hair meaning the hair is in its most fragile state and cannot stretch much without having to break off.

In order to improve the elasticity and health of your, you need to make sure that your hair protein and moisture levels are balanced.

7. Dullness/loss of shine: you might notice some dullness and lack of shine in the appearance of your hair. When your hair gets stripped of moisture or dehydrated, it’s starts becoming dull and gradually looses it’s healthy shine.

Can damaged hair be repaired? 

Yes, if the hair damage is very minimal, you’ll have to put in more time and step up your hair care routine to restore back the damaged hair.

In a case where the damage is severely damaged, all you need is a major trim to get rid of the damage and follow a hair care regimen that help revamp your hair.

How can I tell if my dry or damaged? 

Hair that is dry lacks moisture which is accompanied by loss of it’s natural oils that helps to keep the hair fiber lubricated while damaged hair snaps and breaks of easily.

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