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Aloevera leave-in conditioner (cream conditioner)


This leave-in-conditioner contains FILM FORMING HUMECTANTS that coat your moist hair and shields it from releasing the moisture to the environment.
You hair may not be moist for days, but it does not get brittle-dry

It has the perfect balance of conditioning agents with humectants and moisture.

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Our leave-in conditioner is made of several ingredients which are film-forming humectants that coat your moist hair and keep it moisturized for a long time. It is an effective detangler and treatment that turns your hair from a mass of rough, strong unhealthy hair to a smooth, soft frizz-free and well laid hair. It reduces thinning of all sorts, breakage, hair fall and helps to keep the hair healthy and shiny all day long.  It mildly lays the hair in place without being too harsh and helps to give protein to the hair follicles and keep them healthy. When it is applied to the hair after applying moisture, the hair remains soft and attractive all day long. This is any hair’s best friend after moisture.



Aloe vera, Argan oil, Hempseed oil, rose water, honey, chebe, flaxseed, fermented fenugreek, sweet almond oil, rose distilled water, stimulating essential oils, conditioning herbal blend


  • It Conditions the hair and keeps away split ends
  • It balances hair PH keeping it in the right state to grow and heal
  • It supplies the hair with hair protein
  • It retains hair moisture thereby preventing breakage and split ends
  • It increases the rate of your hair growth and straightens the hair
  • It makes the hair more manageable and more responsive to styling
  • It protects the hair from environmental damage and heat
  • It refreshes the hair
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