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Trimming Natural Hair: 7 Signs your Natural Hair Needs Trimming

Timming Natural Hair:

7 Sign Your Hair Needs Trimming

Trimming natural hair
Trimming natural hair

Trimming Natural Hair: 7 Signs Your Hair Needs Trimming

When you mention trimming of hair to someone who is actually trying to grow longer hair (to waist length), they will give you a weird look as though you are crazy and instead of looking at the benefits trimming adds to the hair, they think of it as hair loss but in the right sense, trimming your natural hair is very necessary as it helps create room for healthier and stronger hair. 

There’s no magic product that can cure damaged ends except for cutting or trimming them off. Holding on to damaged ends will only cause more damage to the overall health of your hair and all your efforts to grow your hair longer will be in vein.

These 7 Signs will tell you when your hair needs a trim because at some point, when it comes to trimming, some people don’t actually know what signs to look out for.

1. Lots of Single Strand Knots: single strand knots can not be avoided. As the name implies, the strand (s) of your hair can be knotted especially towards to tips and half way to the middle and these knots feel like a very tiny ball and rough when you run your fingers down the strand of your hair.

When you notice that the ends of your hair have lots of these single strand knots, go grab your scissors and get rid of them.

2. Split/rough ends: split ends is when your hair strands makes a small split mostly at the tip of your hair strand making your hair ends look so rough and when left uncut, the split can further travel up the hair  shaft leading to more damage to your hair strand. Grad your scissors and do the needful.

3. Thin ends: if you’re the type that loves brushing and combing hair all the time, you’re ends are likely to become thin. Split ends can also be a reason for hair thinning. Trimming off thin ends will not only make your hair healthier, but it will also make your hair appear thicker as well.

4. Excessive breakage: breakage can be caused by various factors but whereby your hair breaks so much even when you properly moisturise your hair, it’s likely that your hair is in need of a proper trim.

5. Stunted growth: When you feel your hair is not getting any longer and stuck at one length, that’s an indication that it wants a little trim. Damaged ends can really deprive your hair from attaining their full growth potential.

6. Excessive tangles: damaged ends especially split ends and single strand knots can make detangling so tedious and lead to breakage of your strands. Getting rid of those rough, splits and knotted ends is the best thing to do to ensure your hair grows out healthy.

7. Uneven strands: if you notice anything like uneven strands of hair, you actually need to get a trim to level it up.

How much hair do you need to trim?

When trimming your natural hair, you don’t need to trim a handful of hair, it has to be a very small amount of hair that you take off. Trimming at least 2 inches would be okay. Instead of doing a trim regularly, you can just dust your ends when you notice any of the above signs 

What’s the difference between trimming natural hair and dusting natural hair?

The difference between trimming natural hair and dusting is that dusting removes just smaller amount of hair than trimming. Dusting involves snipping your ends very little by little. Trimming natural hair removes larger amount of hair 

Is trimming natural hair necessary? 

In my opinion, trimming is only necessary if you’re not dusting but when you’re dusting, then it isn’t really necessary to trim. But bear in mind that your hair needs to be healthy.

Does trimming natural hair makes your hair grow faster? 

Absolutely not! Trimming natural hair doesn’t make your hair grow faster. Hair grows from the roots not from the ends where you trim. Trimming makes your hair look healthy as possible and it encourages length retention.

How often should you be trimming your natural hair? 

Trimming natural hair should be done 2 times a year to avoid over trimming of hair that makes your hair appear shorter than it should.

Benefits of Trimming Natural Hair 

  1. Prevent hair damage
  2. Keep overall hair healthy
  3. Encourage length retention
  4. Make hair easier to detangle and style
  5. Make your hair appear thicker and stronger
  6. It minimizes frizziness

Tip: Maintain healthy hair care practices, stay consistent with your hair care routine, enjoy the process and use good hair care products like oleena organics hair care products

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