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Pre-poo: 5 benefits of prepoo

Prepoo: 5 Benefits of Prepoo 

Benefits of prepoo

What is Prepoo? 

Prepoo is another name for pre-shampoo. It is the treatment you give to your hair prior to shampooing or cleansing and deep conditioning. As much as it may sound, it is a form of detangling routine you give to your hair to get rid of mostly shed hair that might make cleansing much more difficult. The treatment can be done using either oils, conditioners, masks or smoothies to slightly detangle the hair.

Prepoo sort of provides a protective layer to the hair so the hair won’t be stripped off it’s natural oils totally. It is also great for getting softer and shinier hair. 

Types of oils to use for prepoo:

Olive oil

Coconut oil

Grapeseed oil

Jojoba oil


Benefits of Prepoo 

Prepoo comes with a lot of benefits to the hair:

1. It makes detangling easier and helps to remove as shed hair as possible that might cause knots and tangles while washing.

2. It helps to prevent breakage and hairloss while washing your hair. When you treat your hair with a prepoo treatment, the possibility of experiencing breakage or hairloss is very minimal because as you detangle your hair, you’re removing barriers that’ll prompt you to loose hair.

3. It makes the hair soft and shinier after washing. The appearance and feeling of your hair gradually changes when you incorporate prepoo into your routine. Prepoo helps to alter the effect of the shampoo that strips the hair dry.

4. It adds extra moisture to the hair and protects the hair follicles. Shampoo tends to strip out the natural oils of the hair especially when you over shampoo or use a harsh shampoo. Adding a little prepoo treatment helps fill up the open space in the hair cuticles and helps to add an extra coat to your strand that prevents it from the adverse effects of the shampoo process thereby, preventing further moisture loss.

5. Adding prepoo to your routine or regimen will help to keep your hair healthy as possible.

Is Prepoo necessary? 

Prepoo is not really necessary. It is based on your hair preference.

How often should I prepoo my hair? 

Prepoo should be done mostly on every washday. But first, examine the state of your hair to see if it really needs it.

What can I use to prepoo my hair? 

You can use any oil of your choice or a blend of oil like OLEENA HAIRLOSS HOT OIL BLEND, conditioners, hair masks, smoothies, aloe vera or diys.

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Can you prepoo on dirty hair? 

Yes you can, it melts down the dirts especially on the scalp making it easier to cleanse your hair while shampooing.

Is it good to prepoo natural hair? 

Natural hair is naturally prone to dryness due to the structure of the hair strands which can also be as a result of other factors such as heat, harsh weather conditions and chemicals.

Prepoo therefore helps to protect the hair from loosing it’s natural moisture before beginning the shampoo process.

How long can I allow prepoo sit on my hair? 

According to your schedule, you can leave on up to 1hour or more preferably overnight.

How to Prepoo Natural Hair 

1. Heat your treatment: warm up your favorite oil or conditioner in a bowl of hot water.

2. Section hair: Divide hair into smaller parts  depending on your hair length and density.

3. Spritz hair: Slightly spritz section of hair with warm  water and run your fingers through each section.

4. Apply Treatment: Apply treatment to each section of your hair.

4. Detangle: Using your fingers and detangling brush, gently detangle each section starting from the ends and work your way up. Focus your treatment more on the ends of your hair because they’re the driest and that’s where the tangling happens.

5. Cover with a plastic cap: when you’re done applying your treatment to the entire section of hair, cover your hair with a nylon bag or shower cap and allow it to sit for 2 hours or overnight.

6 Rinse and shampoo: Thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water and proceed to shampoo without leaving any residues behind.

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