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How to Stop Hair Breakage: Cause, Symptoms, Solution

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Hair breakage can make it seems so impossible to get longer hair and it can be so annoying. In as much as you’re trying to grow healthy and longer hair, you need to make sure that you’re doing the right thing.

Hair breakage can be caused by various things but you need to find out what exactly is the cause of your hair breakage.

How to Identify Hair Breakage:

It very easy to identify hair that has already broken. Hair that is broken are tiny/little to middle half of hair strands that you can on the floor, comb or brush after manipulating your hair. It is different from shed hair because shed hair has whitish buld that pulls directly from the hair follicles.

Causes of Hair Breakage: 

The following are some of the major cause of hair breakage that should be prevented or stopped;

Lack of moisture:  Our hair needs moisture to function well just like plants needs water to grow. When a plant is starved of water, it become dry and withers away. Same scenario happens to our hair. When our hair doesn’t get moisture, it drys up and become vulnerable to breakage. Moisturised hair resists breakage. Dry hair makes the hair to become very brittle leading to breakage.

Detangling technique:  Your method of detangling might be the reason you’re experiencing hair breakage and the tools you use for detangling can also contribute to this issue.

Tight hairstyles:  Making of tight hairstyles or hairstyles that’ll put so much tension on your edges and scalp is a free ticket to experiencing breakage. The tension from the hairstyle make your scalp to swell, feel tinglish and itchy and will eventually lead to hair breaking off from the root part of your hair.

Split ends/single strands knots: It by far known that the ends of the hair are the oldest part of our hair. As hair grows out from the scalp, it increases in length but the tips of ends of the hair becomes weak overtime by having splits or knots making the tip of hair feel so rough. These split ends makes it way down to the root of the hair and breaks off at some point and the  single strands knots  causes the hair to break off from the tip thereby reducing the length of the hair making it difficult to retain length and get longer hair.

Protein/moisture imbalance: Our needs protein and moisture to be healthy but when there’s is too much of one (protein overload or moisture overload), it creates an imbalance. Too much protein makes the hair so brittle and snaps off while too much moisture makes the hair loss it’s elasticity, limp, stiff, mushy or lifeless. This all together results to hair breaking off.

Heat/chemical damage: Constant use of heat or chemicals can cause damage to the hair cuticles and that happens, the hair strands becomes exposed and this exposure causes the hair to become weak due to external factors and eventually lead to breakage.

Styling technique: The way you style your determines if you’ll experience breakage or not. Doing it aggressively or without the right state of mind will only cause more and more breakage hindering you from achieving your dream hair length

How to Prevent or Stop Hair Breakage

  • Always make sure you moisturize your hair using either the LOC or LCO method or whichever method of moisturising that works well for your hair. Don’t wait still your hair dry before you remoisturise it. Moisture can be gotten from deep
  • If you’re to detangler or style your hair, do it very gently to avoid your hair to tangle while handling it and also to avoid knots that will eventually lead to breakage. When detangling, use your fingers, then your wide tooth comb or brush.
  • In as much as our hair needs to moisture and protein to be healthy, there should be a balance between them. Avoid products that contains more of protein ingredients for protein overload and avoid products that has more of moisturising ingredients for moisture overload.
  • The only way to get rid of split ends or single strand knots is to get rid of them by cutting/trimming them off with a hair shear. The longer you wait, the more breakage and shortage of your hair length
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