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Oleena Organics was born out of the desire to help treat alopecia, hair breakage and scalp infections which Ngozi ( the CEO) had suffered from for years. As anyone with severe hair problems will know, it can be a long and frustrating battle to find treatments that work. She searched for products, took drugs for many years yet the issues persisted. She tried some “natural” hair products and discovered that most brands only needed to have less than 1% natural or organic ingredients in their formulation to call their products ‘Natural’ or “Organic”. From that moment, she realized that we all are children of the chemical age, and something urgent needed to be done.


She started studying ayurvedic herbs and mixing organic herbs to create hair products for herself, finally her hair started responding to growth and healing. Alopecia, scalp infections and hair loss soon became a thing of the past. She then introduced these products to her friends and family who had similar issues and it worked same magic to heal them. This unofficially birthed Oleena Organics in 2015. From the very beginning, Ngozi’s principles meant that product performance and ethical practice were never sacrificed for profit. A close working relationship was built with natural product manufacturers to create the initial products (organic Hair Food); a relationship that still exists to this day.


Oleena Organics is an Organic Hair Food company, set up to meet the growing demand for effective organically grown hair products, heal hair issues without side effects and help people get back their “hairfidence”. As our name implies, we are an Organic and Eco-Friendly brand. Our range of hair products is made from certified ingredients grown using organic and bio-dynamic farming techniques. Our products are packed with up to 99% active natural and organic ingredients to protect, nourish, balance, and, most importantly, respect your hair.


Simply put, Oleena Organics is founded on a vision to put our client’s hair wellbeing first and is driven by a mission to be the product of choice and reference for a quality organic hair product.


Whatever the hairtype, we have natural products that can work magic on them without any fear of side effects. Infused with effective herbs such as Rosemary, Ambunu, Chebe, Moringa,ginger, hibiscus, garlic, fenugreek, marshmallow root, carrot, oat, lavender, our balancing natural hair products give your hair life and  a brilliant shine. Our products are effective for receding hairlines, thinning hair, hair loss, baldness, scanty hair, relaxed hair burns, stunted growth, dandruff, lice invasion, grey hair, hair breakage, and other hair issues. They powerfully nourish and protect your hair.


Our Organic Hair Food products are packaged, produced, and processed without using chemicals. Our products are popular due to the rich health benefits it provides when compared to those produced with chemicals. All Oleena Organics products support the health and true wellness of the hair and are made with loving care.


Every Oleena Organics product contains high concentrations of pure essential oils, extracted from plants using traditional age-old harvesting techniques to obtain a product made from ingredients that are 100% natural. The whole Oleena Organics range is suitable for all types of hair and skin. The hair healing powers, and aromas characterizing each essence are preserved without the use of chemical additives, thus ensuring the products are neither aggressive nor harmful.


Although Oleena Organics has come a long way from a lady simply searching for an answer for her hair issues, we as a family business, still care for every single one of our customers, offering the same personal service that we always have.


Oleena Organics is run by a team of experienced, dedicated, and consummate experts led by its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ngozi. We have at various times been acknowledged and commended by our customers and other hair experts. We are firmly committed to promoting the use of organic hair products.


We take care of our planet by taking care of your hair.


Be Natural, Be Organic, Be Oleena!

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