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10 Easy Tips for Taking out Protective Style without damaging your hair

Taking out braids
Taking out braids

Taking out Protective Styles without Damaging your Hair

Getting your protective style done comes with so much joy and excitement because you won’t have to worry about manipulating your hair each and every time.  When the time comes to take out the braids, you feel so tired and exhausted because taking out your braids requires a lot of time and patience.

The time and effort you actually put in taking out your protective style (twists, braids or any other hairstyle) makes a huge difference. Just like you create enough time to get your braids or twists done initially, you also need enough time to take them out without rushing the process to avoid causing damage your hair

Here are tips on how to successfully take down your braid with breaking your hair

1. Be ready and comfortable: before you take down your braids or any other hairstyle, you need to be ready and in a very good mood. Grab some cookies and some juice, put on a nice music or film to set the atmosphere

2: Get the right tools: personally, the best tool for taking out your protective style is your fingers. But aside from using your fingers, you’ll need a rat tail comb especially if your braids or twists are tiny, wide tooth, spray bottle, scissors, sectioning clips and detangler.

3. Section your hair: if your braids are in single plaits, you should consider putting them in 4 sections to make it easier for you. If it’s in cornrows or weaves, put your hair in sections as you take out the braids. This helps to reduce tangles

4. Oil your hands: When you’ve successfully sectioned your braids, lubricate your hands with an oil that has great slip e.g coconut oil, avocado oil or any oil blend. This helps to easily sperate strands and prevent friction.

We recommend oleena organics hot oil treatment for this.

4. Spritz or hydrate your hair: from one of the sections, take out an individual braid or twist and spritz the length of your hair with water preferably warm water or a leave in spritz like oleena organics leave in conditioner spritz 

Oil your hair with an oil or apply some conditioner to your hair to help soften your hair and make it easier to take down.

We recommend oleena organics hibiscus hairloss conditioner

5. Cut hair extension: if your protective style was made with extension and long, you can actually use your scissor to cut the bottom of the extension from where your hair stops at least 2 to 3 inches below where your actual hair stops to save more time.

6. Loosen hair: use your rat tail comb to carefully prick through the tip of your hair while gradually working your way up. Your fingers can as well come in handy if you want. Keep it gentle because it can be time consuming.

When you reach the roots/base of your hair, gently pull out extension.

7: Seperate and remove shed hair: your protective style will definitely have build ups at the roots. Take a little of your detangler and apply it to where your root is matted up with build ups and gently use your fingers to separate your hair, as you’re separating the hair, you’ll notice some shed hair, don’t panic because on a norm, our hair shed up to 50 – 100 strands a day. So imagine keeping your protective style in for a longer time. Make sure to remove as much shed hair as you possibly can.

8: Chunky twists or braids: after taking out individual braid or twist, put your real in hair in chunky twists or braids

9: Use your hair scissors: your scissors comes in handy when you notice tangles. Instead of using your hand to rip out the tangled single strand hair, use your scissor to trim it off. This helps to prevent damage to the ends of your hair

10: Repeat the whole process till you’re done

What to do next after taking out your Protective Style

After you must have finished taking out your braids/twists or cornrows, your hair deserves a TLC (Tender Little Care).

Give your scalp and hair and nice shampoo wash. Use a mild shampoo with no chemicals for this. While shampooing, focus on your scalp more to really get rid of dirts and products build ups.  We recommend oleena sheablend hairloss shampoo

After shampooing, your hair needs moisturise and you can never go wrong with deep conditioner. If you kept your protective style for 6 – 8 weeks, use a protein deep conditioner. Try out this protein based deep conditioner oleena organics aloe rice deep conditioner       

If you feel your hair needs a moisture more than protein, go for a moisturise based deep conditioner like oleena organics intense moisturise deep conditioner




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