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5 Top Secrets to Achieving Longer 4c Natural Hair

5 Top Secrets to Achieving a Longer Hair  

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Long 4C natural hair

The first step to follow when trying to grow longer hair is understanding your hair, knowing how it behaves and react to certain condition because definitely black women can grow very long hair when they put in the work.

Here are some proven secrets or tips that has helped so many black woman to grow longer and healthier hair:

Secret 1: Having a Proper Hair Care Regimen

A proper hair care routine or regimen helps guide you in ways to care for your hair the right way. It determines how far you’ll go in your hair care journey:

  • Wash your hair weekly or biweekly depending on how itchy or dirty your hair gets. Washday routine should include; prepoo, shampoo, deep condition, moisturise, sealing in moisture and maybe a low manipulative style.
  • Moisturise your every other day on non washdays to avoid hair from becoming dry before next Washday
  • Trim or dust the ends of your hair to keep them healthy as possible because the ends of our hair are the oldest part of our hair. Trimming helps to remove splits ends and single knots and generally helps to minimize  breakage.
  • Daily scalp massage with or without any hair oil as this helps to encourage blood circulation on your scalp. Scalp massage helps to thicken the hair and also promotes wild growth. It also helps to relief stress as it is very soothing to apply.
  • Protective styles have really helped a lot of people grow their hair to their desired length. Putting your hair in a protective style helps you to manipulate your less and when there is less manipulation, you’ll be able to retain as much length as possible. Protective styles should also be cared for because no one wants their effort to grow longer hair be in vain (wash when necessary and keep your hair moisturised)
  • Wrap your hair always with a satin or silk bonnet or scarf at night. This helps to keep your hair from rubbing against your cotton pillowcase or bed cover. Another option is to use a satin or silk pillowcase just in case your bonnet or scarf slips off your head while sleeping.

Secret 2: Use Ayurvedic Herbs 

Ayurvedic herbs have a lot benefits and are very great for hair growth. This is actually one of secrets that Indians have been using to grow longer hair.

Herbs like amla, fenugreek, horsetail, henna, aloe vera, ambunu, shikakai, brahmi, bhringaraja, slippery elm, ashwagandha, mornings, neem, hibiscus etc are great herbs that have been used.

These herbs can be used as:

  • Hair gloss (mixture of the herbs with a conditioner that has a very nice slip
  • Hair mask (mixture of just the herbs to form or paste or mask, used for prepoo or before deep conditioning)
  • Tea spray ( application of the tea as a leave in spritz)
  • Final rinse (using the tea from the herbs as a final rinse on washdays)

Secret 3: Choose the Right Hair Care Products

Black hair type deserves only the best. If you want to grow long hair, you have to select your hair products based on the porosity of your hair. This is actually one of the most important tip to choosing the right hair growth products that can meet most of your expectations in terms of hair care. Hair porosity influence hair growth and how your hair behaves over time and that is why not every product is suitable for every hair type.

Secret 4: Eat healthy

Healthy eating has a very big impact in our hair growth journey. Consuming a well balanced and healthy diet supplies nutrients to the hair. This helps to boost and maintain stronger hair growth. Deficiency of the nutrients from a balanced and healthy diet will delay your hair growth process

Secret 5: Consistency and Patience 

Hair growth is a continuous process, it doesn’t happen overnight, therefore you shouldn’t neglect your hair care regimen or routine. Keep the work on and definitely you’ll reach your goals

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