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Scalp Massage for hair growth

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When it comes to getting a massage, it feels so great and heavenly. Our scalp needs a special massage treatment because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.When you care for your scalp, you’re actually creating a healthy and conducive environment for hair to grow out from your scalp. Scalp massage comes with a lot of benefits that will definitely help improve the well being of your hair.

What is a Scalp Massage? 

A scalp massage is a practice that involves using your finger pads to gently and softly put pressure directly on the scalp in a circular motion in order to stimulate blood flow and for the purpose of relaxation.

Scalp massage is very easy to do and very effective as well. It can either be done with your bare hands or with the use of special devices or tools specifically made for a massage.

For centuries, scalp massage have proven to be a great reliever of stress. The massage can be done with or without any oil.

Benefits of a Scalp Massage: 

1. Promotes Hair Growth: One of the major benefits of a scalp massage is hair growth. Yes, you read right. Why is that? What prompts hair growth is the circulation of blood on the scalp which dilates blood vessels underneath the skin on your scalp . The pressure you put on your scalp when you massage, encourages blood flow on all parts of your scalp, brings oxygen and other healthy hair nutrients that promotes hair growth.

2. Improves Hair Thickness: Massaging your scalp can actually help improve the thickness of your hair because the cells of your hair follicles stretches and strengthens the root of your hair, making your strands to become thicker.

3. Reduces/Relieves Stress: Generally, massage is known to reduce stress and promotes relaxation. Scalp massage is not an exception to this. It helps to fight and reduce stress hormones level, regulate heart rate and lowering blood pressure, therefore bringing in a lot of relaxation.

4: Natural Remedy for Headaches: Headache is a fork of stress that causes tension one scalp, neck and shoulders. The tension due to headaches cause a very sharp pain that can be very disturbing. A good massage on the scalp, neck and shoulder ease off the pains. When this happens, both stress and headache is reduced/relieved.

5: Encourages Better Sleep: Stress and headaches contributes to difficulty while sleeping. Since scalp massage is known to ease stress and headaches, one can easily fall asleep faster and have a peaceful sleep when a scalp massage is done.


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