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Itchy Scalp: causes, signs, solutions

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You’re here because you’re trying to find a solution to your itchy scalp. When your  scalp starts itching, it’s so difficult to think of any other thing other than giving yourself that vigorously scratch on the scalp and it feels like it will never stop. Maybe you washed your hair just few days ago even with anti- dandruff shampoo but your scalp still itch.

There are so many reasons why your scalp itch but the first thing to do before finding a solution is finding out the specific reason for your itchy scalp.

Here are 10 reasons why your scalp itch so badly

1. Dry scalp: This happens when the level or quantity of production of sebum (natural hair oil) is very low. When it is low, your scalp become dry especially in dry weather and this causes your scalp to itch more and more. Your scalp needs to stay hydrated at all time to prevent it from drying up.

A good way to do this is by applying a hair mist and a very light oil to your scalp but don’t overdo the oil application else the itching will come back. If your scalp itch when you apply oils, it’s better you avoid oils and focus more on hair or scalp mists.

2. Product build up: using too much products or application of products daily causes products build up on your scalp and when you sweat, the sweat mixes up with the build ups on your scalp, this cause your scalp to itch.

A nice relief for this is to wash your hair weekly or biweekly depending on how you sweat on your scalp and how often your scalp itch. Even if you’re on a protective style, it still doesn’t stop you from washing your scalp. If you’re the type that gets a lot of build ups, you should clarify your scalp with a clarifying shampoo at least twice a month or a sulfate shampoo to deeply remove the build ups.

3. Tight hairstyles: The way you or your hair stylist install your new hairstyles matters a lot. Any hairstyle that puts tension on your scalp or causes you pain is a culprit of itchy scalp. The tension from these hairstyles causes your scalp to swells and flares up resulting to itchiness and this itchy condition causes hairloss at the same time.

Avoid tight hairstyles and always speak up when your hair stylist is going heavy on your scalp and also if your new hairstyle is painfully, it’s better you take it down no matter how expensive you got it done. It’s your health over the cost of the hairstyle. A protective hairstyle should cause you pain whatsoever.

4. Lice: Lice are very small parasitic insects that suck mostly human blood. When an infected person gets bitten by lice, it results to mild to severe itching. The itching may cause injuries on the scalp, promoting bacteria to grow in the injury resulting in infection.


Buy hair products that treats lice. Don’t use chemicals to get rid of lice, they’re are harmful. Use the products according to directions on the product label. Soak all the clothings, bedsheets, hair tools and accessories used during your lice experience in very hot water to kill all lice left overs and make sure you protect your hair by tucking it in when treating the lice.

 5. Wrong use of hair products: most people use their hair products the wrong way by applying conditioners, butters and cream on their scalp. Application of conditioners, butters and cream on the scalp clogs the pores on your scalp preventing your scalp from breathing. They also cause build ups on your scalp which causes itching.

Avoid applying heavy products on your scalp (conditioners, butters or cream). The only products meant for the scalp are shampoo and light oils

6. Use of expired or stale products: one thing about expired or stale product mixture is that, they have a specific life span and when they exceed this life span,  the antimicrobial preservatives that were meant to prevent microbial growth breaks down and the expired products begin to breed microbes that causes infection and itching when used on the hair. A mix of leave in, oils, and water in a spray bottle left for more than one day will cause itchy scalp.

Discard your expired products because using it will only cause discomfort for your health and hair. Don’t use diy mixtures that last for more than 3-4 days without preserving it.

7. Not properly washing your hair: if your hair is itchy even after giving your hair a nice shampoo and wash, it might be that you didn’t properly get rid of dirts or build ups. You need to always wash in sections to easily get to your scalp, use your finger pads or a scalp massager to gently massage your scalp. Make sure to shampoo twice if your first wash didn’t properly remove the dirts or build ups.

8. Dandruff: this is totally different from dry scalp. Dandruff is caused by a fungus called Malassezia furfur, oily scalp and dead skins on the scalp. It occurs when there is an infection of an oily scalp by the fungus Malassezia. This infection causes itching and flaking of dry skin on the scalp.

You need to visit a dermatologist to help you treat the dandruff from the root.

9. Product allergies: an ingredient in your hair product might cause a reaction of itching on your scalp. The ingredient might be from your shampoo or moisturizing products. Examples of ingredients that gives allergies are sulfates, propylene glycol etc.

Replace your current products that has any of the ingredients that irritates your scalp with the ones that suits your hair.

10. Health issues like psoriasis, hives, scabies, scalp ringworm, nerve issues, may be the reason you’re experiencing itchy scalp.

Visit a trichologist or neurologist for medication and treatment.





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