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7 Reasons why your Edges are Receding

7 Reason why your Edges are Receding 

7 Reasons why your Edges are Receding
Edges Regrowth

When caring for our hair, we tend to neglect the hair around our edges (hairline and nape) forgetting that our edges are part of our hair and also contribute to our beauty.

Receding hairline have affected so many women regardless of what their hair type or texture is.

If you want to find out why your loosing hair around your hairline, keep reading to till the end of this blog.

Reasons why your Edges are Redeceding 

1. Tight hairstyles 

Reasons why your Edges are Redeceding
Tight braids

You may not know it but the hairstyles you make contribute to the lose of your hairline. How?, These tight hairstyles puts so much tension on your scalp and edges and they end up pulling your hair from your hairline forcefully and may end up damaging your hair follicles. Too much stress on your hairline is not necessary. Beauty doesn’t have to come with pain,

2. Back to back hairstyles 

Putting your hair in the same hairstyle over and over again puts stress and strain on your edges overtime and gradually thin out your hairline. Imagine wearing ponytails, high buns or all back cornrows every single time without giving your hair a break or space to breathe, what do you think will happen to your edges even if these hairstyle are not may tight?, Here’s what will happen, your hairline will get weakened, thin out and eventually start pulling or falling out without your notice.

3. Excessive use of edge controls 

It’s okay to lay them edges but it’s not okay if you’re overdoing it. Most edge control contains some alcohols that can be drying to the hair and constant use of them reflects negatively on your hairline. Some people go as far as leaving the edge control on their edges overnight which is a very bad thing to do because the longer you have the edge control on your hairline, the higher the chances of experiencing hairloss around your hairline.

4. Bonnet or headband placement 

Bonnets are made to protect our hair but wrong use of it does the opposite instead. Wearing your bonnet in a way that the bonnet strap, band or elastic lay or rub against your hairline and nape area,  causes bald spots and hairloss around your hairline. Headbands on the other hand can also causes damage to the hairline if used often and way too tight that it puts tension around your hairline. The result of this is breakage and stress infused hairloss.

5. Hand in hair syndrome 

Hand in hair syndrome simply means touching or picking your hair all the time. You don’t know the harm you may be causing to your hairline if you have the habit of constantly twirling, picking or playing with the hair around your hairline untill you realize bald spots around your hairline. Hand in hair syndrome is a habit that should be avoided to avoid receding hairline.

6. Neglecting your edges 

The edges are part of our hair. When giving your hair that TLC (Tender Little Care), don’t leave out your edges. Edges that are not well moisturised eventually suffers dryness and breakage.

7. Post partum shedding 

Receding hairline is common in nursing mothers because during and after pregnancy the hormone levels fall and cause your beautiful thick hairline to fall out. It is very natural to loss hair especially around your hairline in new moms because hormones tends to change during and after pregnancy and can affect your hair negatively or otherwise. After childbirth, you may notice that your hairline starts shedding because at this point, estrogen levels fall



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