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Lice Infestations: 5 Natural ways to get rid of lice

Lice Infestations : 5 Natural ways to get rid of lice 

Lice Infestation: 5 Natural ways to get rid of lice
Lice Infestations

What are Head Lice? 

Head lice are tiny, wingless and crawling parasitic insects that live in the hair and feed on the blood sucked from the scalp. The lice lay eggs which are called nits on hairs near the scalp, they secrete a  glue-like substance that firmly holds and attach them to the hair. Head lice Infestations is refered to as pediculosis. 

The nits of lice are smaller than the actual lice and can be spotted around the neckline and behind the ears.

Having lice is not a sign of poor personal hygiene or an unclean environment. They can strive both in clean and dirty hair.

Lice are most active in the dark resulting to discomfort while sleeping. They live up to 24-48 hours off of the scalp and survive only when there is blood.

Who is likely to get affected by head lice infestations?

Head lice Infestations is more common among children  between the ages of 3 to 11 years old. Families and adults who live with children are also at higher risk of getting infected with head lice. Head lice infestation affects mostly children as they play together closely and come into contact with other children’s hair or share items  that have contact with their hair.

How do lice infestations spread? 

One of the fastest way lice Infestations can spread is by direct contact with an infected person. Lice can crawl from one person’s hair to another person’s hair. Using  other people’s personal items like hair brush or clothing can get one infected because lice can also survive for a short period of time (24 – 48 hours). 

Symptoms of Head Lice Infestations

The most common sign of head lice is itching which may vary from mild to severe itching and spotting a live lice or nymph. Some other symptoms may include:

  • Trouble sleeping because lice are more active at night
  • Sores on the scalp as a result of scratching
  • Tickling feeling in your hair (like something is moving in your hair
  • Extreme scalp itchiness
  • Visible lice and nits on the scalp, hair shaft, body, clothing etc

If you’re constantly scratching your scalp due to the itchiness the skin on your head may crack or break open which can lead to an infection.

How to get rid of Head Lice 

Having lice can be so distressing but every problem definitely has a solution. In order to successfully get rid of lice from your hair and scalp, it is best to use natural products specifically made for lice removal like OLEENA ORGANICS ANTI ITCH DANDRUFF AND LICE TREATMENT PRODUCT SET

The product set contains three products (lice shampoo, hibiscus conditioner, Sea-salted rose water) that thoroughly removes lice from your hair and scalp while balancing the pH of your scalp and hair at the same time. 

How to carefully use the set: 

. First soak your hair with hot water (not too hot to burn your scalp and damage your hair). Apply the natural lice and dandruff shampoo on your scalp and hair, massage and smooth in the shampoo in your hair and cover with a nylon bag or shower cap for at least 10 minutes to allow the shampoo do it’s work and rinse out afterwards.  Repeat the shampoo process twice.

. Apply the hibiscus conditioner to the hair in smaller section using a fine tooth com or a lice removal comb to gently remove the lice, cover for 10-14 mins to further suffocate any attached lice before rinsing out

. Put your hair in a protective style that doesn’t give way for lice to crawl back into your hair e.g buns, weaves etc.

. Spray the Sea-salted rose water on your scalp to balance the pH of your scalp

Treatment of lice should be done for one month or till all form of discomfort or itch completely stops

Avoid using using harsh chemicals like kerosene, fuel, bleach, snipper, camphor etc for treatment of lice infestation. Theses chemicals can cause serious harm to your hair, scalp, follicles and brain and result to a severe injury which might not be known to you at all

Control Measures for Head Lice Infestations

. Soak and wash all hair tools, accessories, clothings and beddings used by I texted person using hot water of at least 130°c to get them disinfected.

. Thoroughly clean the floor and furnitures using very light alcohol to kill lice or nits that may have fallen off the head or crawled into those furnitures.

. Examine all other members of the household for signs of lice. Finally, treat everyone who’s infected at the same time.

. Teach your children to avoid head-to-head contact with other children when playing and not to share hats or items that they put on their head with others. 

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