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Reasons why your Natural Hair feel Hard and Tough

Does your hair feel Hard?

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There’s nothing like hard or strong hair. Hair varies with textures. Some are thicker and tightly coiled but that doesn’t make it hard.

When your hair is dry, we tend to refer to it as being hard or tough. Not matter your hair texture, all hair needs moisture to function well. Moisture helps the hair especially tightly coiled hair to stay soft and manageable. 

A lot of people express their concern about their hair complaining about having hard hair all the time and asking how they can actually make their hair soft as possible. There are some factors that could make your hair feel Hard or strong.

Coarse and dense hair: Hard hair is often used to refer to coarse hair. Coarse hair tends to feel Hard or strong or rough than thin hair because coarse hair is thicker in diameter. This feeling sometimes can be confused with dryness. The beauty of coarse hair is that it is less prone to breakage with the right care it needs.

If you feel your hair is hard, you should consider reviewing your hair care regimen.

Dryness: when your hair is dry, it makes your hair feel hard and difficult to manage. Moisture helps natural hair retain it’s elasticity and without it, the hair can feel very dry and brittle.

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