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Growth & Edge recovery set

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Your hairline is very important and needs to be taken proper care of. This is because, the hair in this area is fragile and can easily pull or thin out if proper care is not taken.

It consists of ;
Intense hair fertilizer Serum
Spritz liquid leave in conditioner

This set helps to recover receding hairlines, bald spots, or grow back the hair on a budget.

The hairline is very important and needs to be taken proper care of. This is because, the hair in this area is fragile and can easily pull or thin out .

To take care of the hairline, do these;

  • Avoid tight hairstyles that pull the edges such as  ghana weaving,  million braids, and any other  tiny tight style. Instead, apply a little brush in front and ensure that the hair is not too tight.
  • Get a satin hair bonnet. Wear this to sleep  preventing your hair from breaking off  due to friction between the hair and pillow while you  turn at night.
  • Avoid using wig glue or dangerous wig caps. This suppresses the hair and does not allow it breathe especially the hairline.
  • Avoid  using hard bristles on the edges as as they tug and damage it.
  • Avoid using gels as much as possible. They could be damaging to the edges especially the non-natural ones.
  • Massage the edges at least once a day with the intense hair fertilizer serum, liquid (spritz) then a little hairfood. You can apply heat using a heat cap after this to ensure faster penetration of the products or warm the serum in a bowl of hot water before you use. This will help circulate blood in those areas and speed up absorption of the products for effectiveness.
  • Keep facial cleansers, moisturizers and makeup away from your hairline, as they may cause more damage to the fragile areas you are trying to regrow hair. Some acne treatments advise not applying the product to your hairline so check the back of the bottle.

This set consists of ;
Intense hair fertilizer Serum
Anti-hairloss Hairfood
Spritz liquid leave in conditioner

The spritz is a perfect moisturizer and anti-breakage liquid that effectively moisturizes your hair leaving you with a hair full of healthy hair.

The serum is a growth booster and helps recover any lost hair.

The hairfood is also essential for growth and sealing in moisture to your strands. It stops hair infections and restores back the glory of your hair.


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9 reviews for Growth & Edge recovery set

  1. Gabriela

    I got this set because i noticed that my edges was slowly disappearing, it took a couple of weeks before i started seeing some improvement but am impressed with the result so far.

  2. Debby

    I love your products. I have been applying them on my hair and there has been some improvements. I know it will take time but I am impressed with the result so far

  3. Lizzy

    My edges are coming up gradually. I am so excited

  4. Cutie

    I bought this set for my Mum because her edges started falling off all of a sudden, I guess it was because of age or something.
    But this set has been helpful, her edges are slowly coming back,

  5. Trina

    Great set i must say , i didn’t see visible results when i stared using it at first , but after a month or so i noticed great improvement .

  6. Yetunde

    My edge are getting better, this set is all you need for your edge growth recovery and the whole hair

  7. C.C

    This set is really good for my hair, been using it for 3 months and my hair is growth back really fast and my edge too

  8. Zahra

    I remove my cornrow and I notice a huge difference in my edges. It growing for real and it bringing out the dark shade of hair. and it just one month of using Oleena . Thank you Oleena organics

  9. Dawn

    This is a great product and it’s better than the others, including the popular name brand product. It works fast, it is more gentle on your scalp…no itching. It has a moisturizing element which is nice and the biotin seems to enhance the overall thickening effect. Love it!!

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