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Ayurvedic anti-hair fall and strengthening hair pack



Hairloss is one of the causes of stunted growth of the hair. One is unable to see appreciable hair growth over time due to incessant hair loss despite all that is being done on the hair. This hair pack is a sure solution to hair loss as it contains 8 herbs that work together to stop and prevent hair loss of the older hair while strengthening the hair strands of the new growth.

It can be used as a tea spritz, for final rinse out during wash days, as a gloss and as a mask.





  • It ensures that your scalp has a balanced PH, it promotes blood circulation which leads to more improved hair growth
  • It contains more than 100 nutrients that nourish your hair and follicles preventing hair loss.
  • It kills off scalp viruses and fungi keeping the scalp healthy enough for maximum hair growth.
  • It conditions the scalp and hair keeping the hair soft and preventing hair loss due to breakage.
  • It repairs any hair damage due to thinning and greying reducing continuous hairloss
  • it makes the hair shinier and strengthens each hair strands from the roots thereby reducing any chances of breakage.
  • It gives elasticity and bounce to the hair making it very difficult for the hair to pull off even during manipulation.



Ambunu, Neem, moringa, Rosemary, nettle, sidr, Bhrinraj, blackseed

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