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7 Hair Care Tips for Caring for Your Afro Textured Hair After Age 50

7 Hair Care Tips for Caring for Your Afro Textured Hair After Age 50 

5 Hair Care Tips for Caring for Your Afro Textured Hair After Age 50
Hair Care Tips for Caring for Your Afro Textured Hair After Age 50

Change is one of the constant things in our life. As we get older or age, it is very normal for our body to undergo some changes as our hormones fluctuates From our skin and bones to our hormones and, of course, our hair.  Our hair is also inclusive in these changes and we shouldn’t freak out when there is noticable changes in our hair during that process. Changes in our hair may vary from change in hair colour due to reduced production of melanin, texture, reduced hair density/thickness, hairloss, thinning hair, slowed rate of hair growth, reduced sebum (hair natural oil) production etc.

You may ask what causes change in hair colour as one age, here the reason:

Change in hair colour: the reason behind colour change in hair as we age is due to less production of melanin. The hair follicles which helps hair growth produces less pigment cells (pigment cells produce melanin in the hair follicles) begins to die overtime with aging and the hair starts to turn grey in colour.

The most common change that occurs as we age is hairloss and some of reason for this hairloss in our hair could be due to:

  • Hereditary genes: this happen if there’s a history of hairloss in your family. If this is the case, then you’re likely to experience same change especially if it was passed down to you.
  • Menopause: Every women undergo menopause at an average age of 52. Menopause speeds up the changes and when this happens, the levels of oestrogen and progesterone decreases and the levels of testosterone increased causing less hair and reduced hair diameter

All of these changes mentioned can affect the appearance and feel of the hair that grows out of your scalp.These changes vary from person to person but hopefully, there are things you can do to care for and maintain your hair during that phase of aging.

Hair Care Practices to Adapt as You Age 

1. Shampoo you hair less frequently: Try shampooing your scalp using a good quality natural shampoo like OLEENA ORGANICS SHEABLEND HAIRLOSS SHAMPOO that doesn’t contain harsh chemical at least ones a week. Avoid shampooing frequently because doing so can make your hair drier, frizzier and brittle.

2. Deep condition: afro textured hair tends to get more drier as we age due to less production of sebum. One way to add moisture to the hair is by deep conditioning after shampooing on every hair care washdays. Deep conditioning helps to replenish hair’s sheen and natural oils that may have been stripped away while shampooing. There are various good deep conditioners out there, we recommend OLEENA ORGANICS ALOE RICE DEEP CONDITIONER. The deep conditioner helps balance both protein and moisture. 

3. Protective styles: this will help minimize how often you manipulate your hair and save you stress of having to deal with your hair. In as much as protective styles are great,  you need to make sure your hair is properly moisturized before the protective style as this helps to ensure you will retain your hair during its term.

Also, go easy on your edges and roots while installing a protective style because the last thing you want is putting too much tension on your fragile strands. 

4. Eat a protein rich diet. Our hair follicles are mostly made of protein,  including protein into your diet isn’t such bad idea.

5. Avoid chemical dye:  You may experience change in the colour of your hair earlier than expected but if you are not ready to embrace and go full-on gray hair, use natural hair dye/colour like OLEENA ORGANICS HAIR DYE to help coat and conceal any gray or silver strands. Avoid using harsh or chemical based hair dye to prevent weakening your hair the more.

6. Lay low on heat styling: Minimize the use of heat as it can cause more damage to your hair. Although you may want to may be tempted to use heat when you want to style your hair, heat protectant should always come in handy but to be on the safer side, avoid or minimize using heat.

7. Use good Leave in conditioner: Apart from using deep conditioners, leave in conditioners are great for moisturising your hair. For daily hair care, use leave in conditioners OLEENA ORGANICS ALOE VERA LEAVE IN CONDITIONER  to keep your afro textured hair from being dry


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