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High Porosity Hair: 5 tips for caring for high porosity hair

High Porosity Hair: 5 tips to care for high porosity hair 

High porosity hair: 5 tips to care for high porosity hair
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Hair porosity is one of the factor that contributes to the how healthy our natural hair is. Before going any further, let’s define what porosity is .

The term “porosity” refers to how easily hair absorbs and retains moisture. Different types of hair porosity includes, low porosity, high porosity, and medium/normal porosity.

  • Low Porosity: doesn’t absorb moisture easily and retains moisture longer when it finally get in moisture
  • High Porosity: easily absorbs moisture and easily gives out moisture
  • Medium Porosity: a balance between high and low porosity

You’ll notice a very huge difference in your hair if you know what porosity your hair is and you’ll definitely know how to care for your hair and what type of products to use on your hair. 

Now, let’s go deeper in high porosity hair, it’s characteristics and tips to care for it


High Porosity Hair: 7 tips to care for high porosity hair
High Porosity Hair

High porosity hair is simply hair that is highly porous. This type of porosity easily takes in moisture (water) and loses the moisture easily. It finds it hard to retain moisture because the cuticle layers of the hair are lifted and has open space that allows water or any hair product to penetrate and escape quickly.

Characteristics of High Porosity Hair:

  • Hair dries out very fast.
  • Hair easily gets saturated with water because of the open cuticles that makes it very easy to take in water.
  • Hair easily absorbs products
  • Hair is prone to breakage because it can easily dry out.
  • Most times, hair feels dry and can look less shiney
  • Easily tangles alot

How to Care for High Porosity Hair 

1. Avoid using hot water when washing your hair and opt for warm to cold water instead to protect your cuticle. Hot water can be drying to the hair and can actually strip the hair of it’s natural oil

2. Protein treatment: protein treatment basically fills up the gap in the hair cuticles making the hair stronger. Since high porosity hair has raised cuticles and is fragile and subject to breakage, it needs protein treatments at least twice a month to keep the hair in good shape. Try not to overdo the protein treatment to avoid loading your hair with excess protein that may cause damage to your hair.

3. Deep Conditioning high porosity hair on every washday to help restores moisture to the hair. One of the best ways to improve high porosity hair is to use a moisturizing deep conditioner on every washday. Use a thick deep conditioner like OLEENA ORGANICS INTENSE MOISTURE DEEP CONDITIONER to help bring your hair back to life

4. Since high porosity hair tends to loose moisture very quickly, it is advisable to use heavy products instead of light products because when it comes high porosity hair, moisture is key. The cuticles of high porosity hair are open enough for thick or heavy products to easily penetrate and get into the hair shaft and stay moisturised longer. Light products on the other hand are not that heavy enough to keep high porosity hair moisturised for a longer period

5. Use less heat on your hair. Using high heaton high porosity hair is not advisable because it might end up causing heat damage. Therefore it is advisable to avoid heat if you can. If you’re the type that can’t do without using heat, you need to always make sure that you make use of a heat protectant before heat is applied to your hair. The heat protectant help protect your hair from being damaged due to heat

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