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Postpartum Shedding: 8 ways to treat postpartum hairloss

Postpartum Hairloss: 8 ways to treat postpartum shedding 

Postpartum Hairloss: 5 ways to treat postpartum shedding
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What is Postpartum Hairloss?

Postpartum hairloss/shedding refers to excessive loss of hair that occurs few months after childbirth.

Normally, our hair grows in different phase/cycle which is the Anagen phase (growing phase), Catagen phase (transitional phase), Telogen phase (resting phase), Exogen phase (shedding phase). During pregnancy, your body’s hormones changes making most of the hair to remain in the growth phase. During this phase of pregnancy, you may notice increase in the thickness or volume of your hair due to increased oestrogen level.

After childbirth/pregnancy, your body’s hormones starts changing again and cause your oestrogen level to decrease pushing your hair into the Exogen phase (shedding phase). You begin to notice chunks of hair fall out as you brush or detangle your hair.

Here’s how it works, during pregnancy your hair experiences less or no shedding at all with a head full of hair but after childbirth, you start shedding all the hair that stayed in the resting phase during pregnancy because normally, we lose about 50-100 strands of hair a day. Now imagine not shedding hair during pregnancy, how much hair do you think will shed after childbirth? You’ll lose more than 100 hairs daily during postpartum shedding.

Postpartum hairloss is very natural and normal, you don’t have to panic or get worried when it starts happening. Eventually your hair will bounce back when your hormones normalizes.

Causes Postpartum Shedding

What really causes postpartum shedding is actually hormonal imbalance after childbirth. During pregnancy, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy, your estrogen levels increase and sort of prevents the shedding of hair and it makes your hair look so thick and lush during this time but after pregnancy, your estrogen levels decreases and this causes a large number of hairs to enter the telogen phase (resting phase) of hair growth. Just after few months after your pregnancy, your hair starts shedding.

When Does Postpartum Shedding/Hair Loss Happen?

Postpartum hairloss occurs about 3-4 months after childbirth, it doesn’t happen immediately after your baby is born and it can last up to 5 months to a year depending on individual.

How long does postpartum Shedding/ hair loss last?

Postpartum hair loss can be frightening but it’s temporary. It can last for five months or more and by the time your new born turns one, your hair should regain its growth pattern and  fullness.

Will my hair grow back after postpartum hair loss?

Definitely, your hair will grow back because hair shedding or hairloss  after childbirth is not permanent. Eventually, you’ll start seeing new hair growing back.

Can I prevent postpartum hair loss?

Postpartum Shedding is bound to happen and nothing can be done to prevent it. It’s a natural condition that can’t be maneuvered unless you’re lucky not to experience it. It’s best you know about it in advance so you’re not surprised if it happens.

What can I do if my hairloss is not responding to treatments?

When you’ve done everything you can and your hair continues to get thinner or doesn’t seem to be growing back, get your doctor or tricologist involved because you may have another health issue causing hair loss. 

5 ways to treat postpartum shedding

1. You may experience a bit of dryness so you need to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized in order not to stunt your hair growth.

2. Avoid hairstyles that puts tension or strain on your scalp and hairline. You need to minimize tension on your scalp while your hair is going through the shedding phase and be careful of heavy protective styles that weigh down your hair especially those made with hair extensions. Instead make your protective styles with your own hair.

3. Avoid manipulating your hair often. Long term protective styles helps reduce the never times you style, brush or comb, and wash your hair.

4. Keep taking your prenatal multivitamins. Your body still needs them while it’s trying to balance your hormones.

5. Daily scalp massages with ayurvedic infused oils like OLEENA ORGANICS HAIR FERTILIZER SERUM helps blood circulation on the scalp which promotes hair growth.

6. You need to maintain a healthy diet and eat well to help your body and hormones adjust back to normal.

7. In as much as you’re trying to nurse your baby and care for yourself, reduce stress because stress can contribute to more hairloss.

8. Try Ayurvedic masks treatment s or teas on your scalp. Ayurvedic herbs like OLEENA ORGANICS ANTI-FALL AND STRENGTHENING HERBAL PACK  have been scientifically proven to help with postpartum shedding.




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Postpartum Hair Loss

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