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Protein Overload: What it is, Signs and How to Fix it

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Protein overload

You may ask what protein has to do with the hair. Basically, our hair is made of 95% of protein which bonds the hair together, strengthens it and gives it a healthy bounce but due to excess use of chemicals or over manipulation, the hair tends to loose it’s protein when the bonds are broken.

What is Protein Overload? 

Protein overload is when the hair has taken in a lot of protein resulting to an imbalance between the protein and moisture levels.

It can happen as a result of using mostly protein based products too often especially protein sensitive hair ( low porosity). Hair that isn’t really sensitive to protein can as well experience protein overload gradually without you even realizing it.

Signs of Protein Overload 

  • Stiffness of hair
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Hair sheds more than normal
  • Excessive tangles
  • Hair roughness
  • Hair becomes stiff
  • Hair breaks so easily
  • Hair feels so dry and brittle
  • Loss of shine
  • Frizzy hair

How to Fix Protein Overload 

Protein overload can be fixed but it doesn’t in a blink of an eye, it takes time to heal. Ways to fix excessive protein:

  • Stop using hair products that contain protein: This is actually the first step to take. You don’t need anything that has protein at all since to you’re trying to get your hair to bounce back to being healthy. Protein ingredients to avoid:
  1. Keratin
  2. Amino acid
  3. Yogurt
  4. Biotin
  5. Hydrolyzed wheat protein
  6. Hydrolyzed rice protein
  7. Hydrolyzed collagen
  8. Silk protein
  9. Soy protein
  10. Quinora protein
  11. Oat flour

For this healing process, products that contains protein should be your least option. Your focus should on restocking and using only moisture based products

  • Clarify your hair/scalp: a deep clarifying or deep cleansing shampoo/masque should be used to remove some of the excess protein and build ups. This shouldn’t be done on a regular basis though to avoid stripping your hair dry totally.

We recommend our cacoclay mask for detoxifying your hair

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Deeply detoxifies the scalp, hair and face
  • Focus on moisture: Now that you’ve ditched all your protein base products, go grab some moisturizing products and step up your moisturizing technique as well.  Make sure you’re using a moisturizing shampoo, moisturizing deep conditioning and moisturizing leave in conditioner. This will help level up your moisture level to striking a balance between  between your protein level and moisture level

We recommend our shampoo, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner for you:

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Oleena Organics Intense Moisture Deep Conditioner
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Oleena Organics Shea Blend shampoo  
  • Moisturize and seal: you really need to make sure you moisturize your hair with moisturizing cream and always seal in the moisture with an oil or butter to keep that moisture in for a longer time

We recommend our hair butter and serum:

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Oleena Organics Alopecia Hairfood
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Oleena organics hair fertilizer serum 

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