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LOC vs LCO method

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Meaning of LOC/LCO Method 

This simply refers to the methods used to moisturize the hair using the right order or steps from each method to achieve a healthy hair.

Finding out the method that works well for you is the read deal and you can’t find it out without trying put either of the methods.

Full Meaning of Acronyms:

LOC method: Liquid, Oil, Cream

LCO method: Liquid, Cream, Oil

Each method needs to followed orderly and if any step is missed , that would mean altering the method.

Further explanation:

Liquid: this can either be just water, a diy spritz or a water based leave in or moisturizer

Oil: this can be any natural oil or blend of natural oils

Cream: this is a cream with a thicker/heavier consistency, hair butter or smoothie

Application of LOC Method 

Liquid, oil, cream

First start with hydrating hair with water or water based moisturizer

Apply oil to seal in moisture from the liquid

Lastly, follow up with a heavier cream or butter to further seal in the moisture from oil and prevent the moisture from escaping.

Application of LCO Method 

Liquid, cream, oil

Start with hydrating hair with water or water based moisturizer or diy spritz

Apply cream or any moisturizer with light consistency to seal in moisture from liquid







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