Growth and mega moisture treatment set


This set is suitable for growth and normal treatment requirements for the hair.

It consists of ;
Sheablend shampoo
Aloerice Deep conditioner
Aloevera leave in conditioner
Intense hair fertilizer Serum
Spritz liquid leave in conditioner

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Your hair is your crown and it is normal to have intentions to improve it to the best. Great hair can be achieved with good products and a healthy hair care regime which helps to retain any growth you would have achieved on your hair. Moisture  retention is also very essential as a moisturized hair is healthy, elastic and retains length making it easy to see an increase in growth of the hair.

This set consists of;

Anti-hairloss Hairfood
Spritz liquid leave in conditioner                                                                                                 Aloevera leave in conditioner                                                                                                                  Intense hair fertilizer Serum

Hot oil treatment                                                                                                                                      Sheablend shampoo                                                                                                                              Intense deep conditioner

The sheablend shampoo lathers beautifully, moisturizes and cleanses your scalp without stripping it of its natural oils

The spritz is a perfect moisturizer and anti-breakage liquid that effectively moisturizes your hair leaving you with a hair full of healthy hair

The serum is a growth booster and helps recover any lost hair

The hairfood is also essential for growth and sealing in moisture to your strands. It stops hair infections and restores back the glory of your hair

Aloevera leave-in-conditioner is perfect for locking in moisture and protecting the hair from drying environment. It also contains humectants that helps the hair stay healthy

Hot Oil Treatment is packed with potent essential oils to restore Dry and Damaged hair. It restores hair moisture and leave hair soft and strong. It promotes healthy hair and excellent for hair loss. relaxed or natural hair.

The intense moisture deep conditioner is suitable for moisture hungry and damaged tresses. It replaces back the moisture that would have been lost during detox. It also keeps your hair in a better state to retain more moisture.

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