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60 Days Hair Growth Challenge

Do you want to achieve the hair of your dreams?

Why we are doing this:

To reduce the number of times we have to manipulate our hair. 

As long as length retention is concerned, less manipulation is always your best option. 

With the right routine and products, we guarantee you healthy long hair

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“The result from the last challenge was amazing. My hair dresser was screaming and asking what I used on my hair as it had grown much longer than the last time she did my hair. Thank you so very much Oleena, I will definitely join for the next one.” Alice B.

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Benefits of the hair growth challenge;

  • It corrects dry hair issues

  • It improves your growth (at least 2 inches in 1 month)

  • It helps you retain length

  • It helps you to stop breakage due to reduced manipulation

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Approved Hairstyles for the Growth Challenge;

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WhatsApp Image 2022 04 22 at 3.28.40 AM3
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Braided Cornrows

Flat Twist Cornrows

Didi Cornrows

Rules Of The Challenge;

  • Not too tight (it is not worth the style to lose your edges)

  • Not too small (5-10 cornrows) (the smaller it is, the more the chances of tangles during take down and put up). 

  • Zero extensions

  • Zero edge control or gels as we will be keeping it in for long and it will defeat the purpose of the challenge

  • Don’t braid with sharp or chipped nails

  • Ends to be put away to improve length retention

  • You must Sleep on satin/silk bonnet or scarf or pillow

  • No heat styling

How Long is the Challenge?

We know you are busy and this challenge will take you less than 1 hour weekly and the changes in your hair will be massive. Our target is 3-4 inches of growth for the 8 weeks’ period of the challenge with less than 1 –hour washday bi-weekly.

We have helped a lot of women achieve their hair growth target over the years and we can help you too

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How To Sign Up;

Please click here to join the channel for free

Products for The Challenge;

  • Growth and Thickening Ayurvedic Hair Pack

  • Sheablend shampoo

  • Aloerice deep conditioner

  • Ambu-rice leave in cream

  • Intense Hair fertilizer Serum

  • Spritz

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On a budget? You can buy the set for weekday treatments here

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All products are organic, petrolatum free, paraben free and silicon free

See you at the challenge!

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