Spritz ( Liquid leave-in conditioner)


Spritz ( Liquid leave-in conditioner)

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This Spritz is a moisturizer as well as a water-based leave in conditioner. The basic ingredient, water coupled with other moisturizing ingredients help to moisturize and soften tough hair making it easier to manage. It reduces breakage, thinning and shedding which in turn aids hair growth. The aloe juice and herbal blend helps to balances hair PH making it manageable, fritz-free, soft and shiny.

Oleena Hair spritz is 100% organic and suitable for all hair types of children and adults.

Perfect when used with other Oleena hair products.


  • It makes the hair soft and manageable
  • It stops hair breakage
  • It supplies the much needed moisture to hair strands
  • It Conditions the hair and keeps away split ends
  • It fights germs and bacteria
  • It balances hair PH keeping it in the right state to grow and heal
  • It feeds the hair with the number 1 nutrient it needs (water)


Distilled water, Herbal tea, aloe Vera juice, sweet almond oil, distilled water, stimulating essential oils

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Oleena hair spritz is a moisturizer with well thought out ingredients to moisturize,soften hair, add shine and make hair easier to manage. It reduces breakage and aids hair growth. Our hair spritz is 100% organic and is suitable for all hair types – natural and relaxed in both children and adult.

Natural hair without moisture is like a plant that is not watered. It grows sickly and eventually withers and die

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