Hair Growth and Moisture Retention set


Hair Growth and Moisture Retention set

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These set comprises of all you need to achieve enviable growth and retain moisture on your hair.

It comprises:
Intense hairfertilizer serum
Aloevera leave in conditioner
Hot oil
Aloerice deep conditioner

Hairfood and spritz work together to stop hair breakage and give you good volume. Remember, as long as your hair breakage is at a minimum or non-existence, you retain length and can notice increase in length

Intense hair fertilizer Serum will grow your hair very fast and fill up your edges

Leave in conditioner will also keep your hair moisturized for a long long time and this fights dryness and breakage

Hot oil keeps your hair hydrated and moisturized before shampooing
And deep conditioner grows your hair and keeps it moisturized also

All are organic and made from plant herbs
They can also be used by babies and adults


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