Face and hair detox and maintenance set


Face and hair detox and maintenance set

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Our seasalted rosewater rejuvenates your scalp and grows your hair from the pores

It is useful for enhancing your natural texture, and it brings back life to limp hair

Do you have excess oil on your scalp? Are you battling dandruff and psoriasis on your scalp?

Is your scalp always itchy and smelly even after you have washed it?

The oleena seasalted rosewater is just the answer that you have been waiting for

It is also perfect for facial use as it dries off skin breakouts,boils,blackhead and acne


Organically extracted rosewater and sea salt

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These duo are very vital for your face and hair

This set is your SURE SOLUTION If you have breakouts, pimples, acne, too much oil on the face, and any other infection of the face

The clay mask completely detoxifies your face and opens up your pores leaving you refreshed with smooth face.

With a perfect blend of Cocoa powder, raw African clay, essential oil, frankincense, rosewater,sea salt, it dries up excessive oil on scalp and skin, reducing appearance of blackheads and the face and bumps on scalp. Brightens your face and reduced signs of redness Leaving your skin hydrated, renewed and revitalized it can also be used to refresh your hair and keep it itch free

The same effect it has on your scalp and more. It regenerates dead cells and exfoliates it off your scalp . If your scalp produces excess sebum, it regulates the sebum production leading to more heathy scalp.
It also detoxifies your hair strands and refreshes it completely opening up the pores to receive products afresh.

Seasalted rosewater helps to refresh your face, keep it clean from infections and can even be used before your makeup to protect your face.

It also keeps your scalp fresh, clean, protected from dandruff and can be used to refresh your scalp in a protective hairstyle.


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