complete Dandruff lice and treatment set


complete Dandruff lice and treatment set

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Dandruff can be a pain especially in the neck especially after you have made a new hair This helps you completely eradicate dandruff, lice and other accompanying scalp infections

The set comprises of the lice and dandruff shampoo which combines a lot of active ingredients including salicylic acid that battles the lice and dandruff from the roots

The Hisbiscus conditioner is also an active dandruff and scalp infection treatment. It’s astringent properties kills the scalp infections and reduces excess secretion by the glands

The seasalted rosewater is your day to day control scalp control product as it dries up all scalp infections and squeezes the life from them. It is a mild astringent with anti-inflammatory properties that makes the scalp not conducive for infections and dandruff

It also keeps your scalp fresh and smelling nice all day long

The hairfood has oils and butters that are anti dandruff and helps to prevent the hair and scalp from being too dry

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