Detox, strengthening and growth set


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Your hair needs detox at least once a month to enhance its ability to accept hair products and achieve results from their usage.

The set contains the products;
Cacoclay mask
Aloerice Deep conditioner
Aloevera leave in conditioner
Intense hair fertilizer Serum
Spritz liquid leave in conditioner

The cacoclay mask detoxes you hair and scalp of any product build-up and impurities that may have accumulated over time returning your hair to its pure and natural state

The aloe rice deep conditioner replenishes the hair moisture and strengthens the hair for the oncoming protective style that will last for a month. It also stimulates the scalp follicles for enhanced growth and moisture retention

The Aloevera leave in conditioner was introduced to add more buffer to the hair to make sure its healthy enough and moisturized to withstand any protective style without breakage

The serum is a hair fertilizer to kick start the hair growth process. It is used to ensure that the hair doesn’t break off/become weak at the roots and also to increase the rate of growth

The hairfood is for shielding the hair completely from external environment, increase the buffer on the hair from moisture loss and grow the hair

The spritz is a perfect moisturizer and anti-breakage liquid that effectively moisturizes your hair leaving you with a hair full of healthy hair

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