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Natural hair can be  dry and brittle if it is not properly moisturized and sealed. Dry/brittle hair leads to incessant hair breakage/ hair loss making it difficult to retain length and maintain noticeable growth.

Our Brittle and breaking hair set will keep your hair moisturized, maintain the moisture for a long time , strengthen the hair thereby preventing easy breakage and coat the hair to prevent easy loss of moisture.

This set comprises of :

Aloe vera leave in conditioner
Hot oil
Intense moisture deep conditioner.


The spritz will supply needed liquid moisture to the hair strands and scalp making it difficult for hair breakage to occur.

The Aloe vera leave in conditioner will coat the hair with film forming humectants that will keep the hair  soft and supple for a long time retaining moisture and preventing the need to moisturize daily.

The hot oil treatment is a pre-poo that strengthens and infuses moisture to the hair strands before every wash. It also aids easy take down of protective hairstyles leading to reduced hair loss.

The intense moisture deep conditioner replenishes any lost moisture to the hair strands and keeps it moisturized for long.

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