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9 tips to Grow Back your Receding Hairline

9 tips to grow back your Receding Hairline

7 tips to grow back your edges
Two weeks edges regrowth

Receding hairline can be caused by so many factors because our edges are the most fragile part of our hair and it has affected so many people. It can even make one loose confidence in themselves. Extra care and gentleness is needed when caring for our edges.

No matter how bad your edges might be, you can grow them back. Have in mind that when regrowing your edges, it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s takes time in order words, it’s a gradual process. 

Finding out the reason why you’re loosing your hairline is receding is the first step to take before seeking for a solution in order to adequately and safely grow them back.

Find out the causes of receding hairline in this article here

Theses tips will help you revive your hairline and bring your edges back to live.

1. Avoid tight hairstyles: one of the culprits of receding hairline is tight hairstyles. Replace your tight hairstyles to less tight ones or stay away from tight hairstyles entirely. If you’re still making tight hairstyles when trying to grow out your edges, your hairline will prove stubborn to grow out.

2. Stop touching them: if you’re the type that like picking and twirling your edges then you should consider stopping it. Touching your edges will make your edges become dry and prone to breakage.

3. Massage your hairline with growth oils: using your finger pads or a scalp massager to massage your hairline daily helps to stimulate blood flow around your edges which in turn accelerates hair growth. Massaging with growth oils like OLEENA ORGANIC INTENSE HAIR FERTILIZER SERUM helps to awaken dormant hair follicles around your hairline and gradually grows out your edges.

4. Try ayurvedic herbs: ayurvedic herbs have been scientifically proven to help solve various hair and scalp issues. Some of the herbs that help fight hair problems like receding hairline, thinning hair, alopecia etc are Amla, Fenugreek, mornings, sidr, Horsetail, Aloe vera, Bhinraji, Brahmi, rosemary, black seed, Ashwagandha, neem, and Lavender.

These herbs  can be used or applied on edges and scalp in different ways such as; ayurvedic mask treatment, ayurvedic oil massage, herbal hair tea spray. 


5. Bonnet placement: when you wear your hair bonnet, place the bonnet line, band or strap above or below your your hairline. Don’t place it directly on your edges because it will only cause your hair around your edges or hairline to start thinning out gradually. If possible, replace any bonnet of yours that has bands/straps without a satin line (cotton bands) with those that have satin line bands.

6. Back to back hairstyles: avoid making same hairstyle back to back, it pulls on your edges/hairline.

7. Moisturize your edges: you may be loosing your edges because you neglect them a lot. Your edges/hairline are part of your hair and should also be given a TLC (Tender Love and Care). When deep conditioning, always apply your deep conditioners to your edges too and when moisturizing your hair, you edges shouldn’t be left out as well.

8. Be gentle on your edges/hairlines: over brushing your edges can lead to thinning and breakage. Minimize how often you brush your hairline and be very gentle whenever you’re brushing, combing or styling your hair to avoid putting more stress on your hairline.

9. Minimize the use of edge controls: some edge controls can be drying because they contain alcohols that dry out the hair. Avoid the use of edge controls when trying to regrow your edges. Don’t sleep with edge control

Frequently asked questions

Can I regrow my edges? 

Definitely you can. You have to find out the cause and treat it based on your findings

Can I grow my edges faster? 

Depending on the cause, if it not a severe case , you can grow back your edges in two weeks or more, but if it is a more severe case that affected your hair follicles, it may take longer to grow back.

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